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In the heart of Occitanie in south-west France, Castres-Mazamet combines economic dynamism and quality of life. Here, you don't have to choose between your professional ambitions and your family life. This sun-blessed region possesses all the ingredients for your professional and personal development. All that's missing is you!



A place where everything is on a human scale

Are you looking for the ideal compromise between city and countryside? The Castres-Mazamet Urban Community encompasses 14 towns and villages and a total of 85,000 inhabitants: towns and villages on a human scale, ideally located between Toulouse, Montpellier and Barcelona. And Paris? You can be there in 1½ hours, with three direct daily flights to Orly from Castres airport. As for traffic jams, they will soon be just a bad memory!

Entreprise Thouy

Immerse yourself in a dynamic labour pool

The Castres-Mazamet Urban Community has 5700 businesses (700 of which are industrial companies). They provide more than 30,000 jobs. Castres-Mazamet is itself located in a job market of 135,000 inhabitants, covering 87 municipalities. With its healthy entrepreneurial culture, its sectors of excellence, its enthusiasm for innovation, the density of its SME network, and its synergies between schools and business, the region boasts significant economic advantages.

Offer your family the best

In Castres-Mazamet, we do all we can to make family life easier. Here, town buses are free for everyone. The hospital (more than 1000 beds and 8000 operations per year) is new, modern and fully connected. Real estate is available and accessible. There are many features that make life easier for company personnel: no fewer than 24 nurseries, 55 schools and 19 higher education establishments in the area.

La base de loisirs du Lac des Montagnès

Life is good

Taste the joy of living in a region where you always feel as though you’re on holiday. The Urban Community of Castres-Mazamet is just 1 hour from the beach and 1½ hours from ski resorts, close to the history-packed cities of Toulouse, Albi and Carcassonne. Here, you can make the most of a rich architectural and cultural heritage: Castres, on the Agout, and its iconic “houses on the river”, with a city centre dating back to the 17th century. Here, nature is easily within reach: the Montagne Noire visible in one direction, the Sidobre and the Lacaune Hills in another, and the rolling Pays de Cocagne to the west. 500 km of well-marked hiking trails lead out from the town and through the nearby countryside. Enjoy local produce from the rich surrounding farmland and experience the friendly atmosphere of open-air markets.

La victoire du Castres Olympique sur la place Pierre-Fabre

Have a great time!

There's no room for boredom here. The Castres-Mazamet area offers a high-level cultural and sporting environment: two theatres, three media libraries, two multi-purpose swimming pools, several sports complexes including an ice rink, five museums, a contemporary music venue, concert and performance halls, a dense and active community network, a wide choice of shops – the list is long, with leisure pursuits open to everyone and for all ages. And if you’ve never heard of the “CO”, in their famous Blue and White strip, and if you really didn’t know that Castres Olympique has won the Brennus Shield (for the French Rugby Union Championship) five times... then you’ve just got to take in a match!